Dolphins' new recruits seek to make impression at training camp

Wide receiver DeVante Parker among top crop of players looking to make impact

Miami Dolphins quarterback prepares to take a snap from behind center Daniel Kilgore on the first day of training camp in Davie, Florida, July 26, 2018.
Miami Dolphins quarterback prepares to take a snap from behind center Daniel Kilgore on the first day of training camp in Davie, Florida, July 26, 2018.

DAVIE, Fla. – As the Miami Dolphins start training camp, it's not just the temperature providing the heat. There's also pressure from fans hoping for a quick turnaround.

"You understand what you are coming into in training camp," Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said. "When you enter a season, it's 0-0."

This summer, every Dolphins player on the roster is present for training camp. There are no contract holdouts or significant injuries to worry about.

Ryan Tannehill was the center of attention for many fans. The quarterback was back out on the practice field after injuring his knee in last year's training camp.  

Although he occasionally still wears a knee brace, Tannehill has been active for the past few months, going through minicamps and offseason training activities. 

"I have full confidence," Tannehill said. "Obviously, I was able to do everything in spring. It has only gotten stronger. I felt better at this point. It's like nothing ever happened."

Tannehill has more players at the skill positions to work with this season as he aims to prove his critics wrong.

"I think we have a lot of good pieces around him that can help us get to where we are trying to get as far as improving every week," Gase said.

Now the question is: How long will it take for the quarterback to develop a chemistry with his receivers? 

"Really, with the rookies, you just want to see if what you saw in college and on tape is going to carry over," Gase said.

First-round draft pick Minkah Fitzpatrick is a guy who fans hope to see find a place on this team from day one. 

Mike Gesicki can run most of the inside routes that find mismatches. Stretching the field and making plays, DeVante Parker is another guy who many people feel will have a breakout year.

The feeling inside the organization is that he is the guy with the tools, and the No. 1 wideout spot is up for him to take.

Veteran running back and former Hurricanes star Frank Gore is still looking to turn some heads. Hoping he can be a late game grinder, Gore is still a productive player and looks to be in great shape.

"I think Frank is the one guy that every time I watch him, you just shake your head when you see him make some of those cuts," Gase said.

The defensive line is where coaches are focusing on someone to step up to fill some offseason departures. The secondary has some promising young players on the field. The unit will be expected to help the linebackers and defensive line early in the season. The Dolphins have more flexibility in key areas within the secondary. 

Gase feels good about his team and sees a group that buys into what he wants and plays the style he wants.

"A lot of the time, the attitude of players can dictate how that feel is as well," Gase said. "It's been real exciting to be around this group."