Dwyane Wade announces return for 16th season

Heat guard will retire after 1 more season


MIAMI – Dwyane Wade announced Sunday night that he will be returning to the Heat.

The guard said in a 10-minute video that he will be returning for one last season.

The three-time champion had Heat fans wondering for months if he would come back or not.

This will be Wade's 16th and last season.

Wade said that the decision is based on his family.

"I feel it's right to ask you guys to join me for one last dance, for one last season," Wade said. "This is it. I've given this game everything that I have and I'm happy about that. And I'm gonna give it for one last season everything else I have left."

Wade added that he would miss the game.

"When I walk away, I'm still going to love it," Wade said. "I'm still going to want to play it. I'm still going to miss the playoff moments. ... But I ask y'all, let's enjoy it. Let's have some joy for this last season. Let's push this young team over the hump, and let's write our own story to the end of this career, together."

Wade called his last season his "Sweet 16."

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