Miami Sports Pod - Dwyane Wade is back for one final season


In this "breaking news" version of the Miami Sports Pod, Will and Clay discuss the return of Dwyane Wade to the Heat for one final season.

:54 Clay sings

1:27 Dwyane really was close to retirement

3:00 What were the conversations between Dwyane and the Heat --- Great story, but from roster --- you’re adding another shooting guard

5:22 Dwyane Wade is the Miami Heat

7:00 The Fans are going to enjoy Dwyane’s victory lap

9:45 Will thinks something is going on --- Dwyane didn’t come back to have an average run

12:00 We speculate about the Heat possibly making moves to make Dwyane’s last season special

16:00 Will disagrees 100% with Dukie Lang about if Wade should start or not

19:00 Dwyane’s statement implies that he’s coming back to win --- not to join the log jam

23:00 Dwyane is getting himself into ridiculous shape for a reason