Miami Sports Pod - We sack Ryan Tannehill, everyone else did; the Canes beat FSU


This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso & Clay Ferraro talk about the utter disaster that was the Dolphins loss in Cincy, but at least the 'Canes beat FSU, so there's some joy in the Magic City.

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1:35 If the Dolphins had just punted Sunday, they would’ve had a decent chance to win the game

3:45 This is Ryan Tannehill, if you keep things simple he can be fine--- nothing more, nothing less

5:20 How can you defend throwing the ball off a tight ends helmet that turns into a pick 6

7:48 The Dolphins have no quarterback situation, Ryan Tannehill is the guy

9:05 Our jobs are more fun when the Dolphins win 

9:45 You have to try very to blow a game as badly as Ryan Tannehill did on Sunday

13:45 The Dolphins have major pass protection issues

15:11 The Dolphins went all-in on Tannehill not just this year, but also for the future

18:28 Adam Gase has an unshakable belief in Tannehill

22:00 The best this Dolphins team can do this year --- is still purgatory

24:25 Let’s talk about the Canes Wild Comeback over FSU

26:00 Let’s see the Canes do it on the road

28;00 N’Kosi Perry got an ultimate lesson and he did it in a rivalry game

33:13 Let’s see what happens on the road at Blacksburg and Boston College