Miami Sports Pod - The Canes offense is offensive, can they fix it?


This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro wonder what's going on with the UM offense, and whether Mark Richt is helping or hurting the Canes.

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1:00 What is the reason that Mark Richt is not going back to N’Kosi Perry?

2:15  Is there more to the story than just football behind this decision?

5:30  Richt is saying Rosier gives Miami the best chance to win, Will doesn’t believe it

7:00 There’s such a difference between watching this year’s Canes team and last year’s --- Same QB

9:10  Clay’s not going to bore people by explaining the comparisons between Miami and Virginia Tech 

11:37  It’s time to question Mark Richt as a playcaller

14:00 The Canes need someone who understands the new age of offense

16:00 Mark Richt has so many other responsibilities beyond Xs and Os  that there might be too much on his plate

19:00 Mark Richt never stops.  His calendar is always full with all kinds of stuff

21:00 This Canes situation is a lot more fixable than people realize

23:30  The model for Richt is what Dabo did at Clemson

26:30  Are the Canes going to get it together or tank this season?