Miami Sports Pod - The State of Miami Sports... has been better


This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro ponder on what is the most disappointing aspect of Miami as a sports town at the moment. 

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:50  How depressed is this sports town right now?

2:30  What’s the most disappointing aspect of this sports town right now?

3:08  Will says the Canes are most disappointing because they had high expectations

4:40 People are trying to save their jobs

8:00  Sticking with the Canes --- stop it with the fire Mark Richt stuff

10:30  The reason the Canes won their 5 rings is because they had a hack, a secret to beat the system

12:30  Look at Ken Dorsey, he didn’t do it alone

14:00 The secret for Alabama and Clemson is money in their support staff

17:00 Clay says there’s a straw man --- UM doesn’t need 3-5 first round guys on their offense

21:00  What should the Canes do with their quarterback situation?

25:45 The only thing that salvages the Canes season is a young QB who isn’t even playing

32:00  Heat are at a crossroads because the NBA is changing --- should they go after John Wall or Jimmy Butler?

36:00 Why can’t Spo get this team to play defense?

39:00 Tyler Johnson led the NBA in 4th quarter minutes the year the Heat ended the season on a big run

41:00 The new NBA rules hurt the Heat’s ability to muck it up on defense

44:00 Clay sings “I need a hero”--- badly