Miami Sports Podcast - No Jimmy Butler, No Cry?


In this episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro compose themselves long enough to talk about Jimmy Butler not coming to Miami and what it means for the Heat.

1:00 Clay has been obsessed with the Jimmy Butler situation and now Butler’s not coming here

2:15 Clay gives the entire backstory of the Heat and Timberwolves conversations around Jimmy Butler

5:30 What if Pat Riley didn’t think that Jimmy Butler was that guy?

8:46 Pat Riley is in the position that he’s in because of the decisions that he’s made

13:00 The Heat might need to strike in 2021

17:07 The Heat have to hit something In the draft picks

24:00 The NBA has changed and Pat Riley has had to adapt. That 30-11 finish put them in a bad spot

27:00 The New rules have made it tougher for the Heat to muck up games

31:30 Erik Spoelstra doesn’t have the Heat playing defense yet this season

37:00 The Vice look has been the most exciting part of the team this year

41:20 What should we make of Pat Riley’s “Average” comment