Marlins unveil new colors, logo in big reveal


MIAMI – After seemingly using every color on the palette in their most recent logo and uniforms, the Miami Marlins have unveiled a more subdued, vintage look for the upcoming season.

The Marlins new logo appeared first on a Twitter post claiming "This is our town, this is our team, and these are #OurColores."

Instead of the 3,402 colors mandated by the previous regime (kidding), the new logo uses only four; Caliente Red, Miami Blue, Midnight Black, and Slate Gray.

The actual marlin in the logo is more classic, looking like one leaping from the water on an old deep-sea fishing expedition.

The font looks to combine the local Hispanic culture with the history of baseball in Miami, with the text and colors recalling the original Miami Marlins and the Havana Sugar Kings of the 1950's.

With new uniforms to be released later Thursday, it's the first step in rebranding the Derek Jeter-era Marlins and setting them apart from previous owners.

The logo and uniforms are just a few changes fans will see next season, along with a reconfigured Marlins Park where the team has removed the home run sculpture in left-centerfield and built new fan-friendly areas for fans to watch and mingle during games.