Miami Sports Pod - Why, Adam Gase? Why?


This week, the Local 10 sports team wonders why the Dolphins keep finding new ways to lose instead of win after Sunday's loss to the Colts.

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:34 Will invents a new day of the week

1:40  The playcalling was really bad down the stretch

3:40  Adam Gase was doing a great job of using Gore/Drake and then stopped

6:30  The Dolphins had it working perfectly on offense and then decided to mix it up and lose

8:30  You’re paying Ryan Tannehill a lot of money to make that 3rd down throw

10:20  We look at the Dolphins last drive

12:50  It’s almost fire-able

15:00 You don’t have to make football that difficult

17:45  Adam Gase single-handedly cost the Dolphins a chance to remain in the playoff mix

20:50 If you’re looking for a straw that broke the camel’s back