Miami Sports Pod - Going college bowling with Orange Bowl Committee CEO Eric Poms


Local 10's Clay Ferraro talks college bowl season with Orange Bowl CEO Eric Poms

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1:00 The reaction of the Orange Bowl to getting Alabama-Oklahoma

3:00  College football sets up a post-season that leads to a lot of debate

5:00 The committee’s job is to rank 1-4

7:00 Clay says Georgia had their shot

8:00 You know the games matter in September 

10:00 The structure of the College Football is working.  Conference Championships almost function as a quarter-final 

14:00 The athletes face the challenge of balancing bowl games and everything else the players have to deal with as students

16:00 UCF:  what do they have to do to be a part of this conversation?

20:00 It doesn’t all have to be about making the playoff

27:00 Alabama has been an incredible story what Saban has been able to accomplish

30:00  Here are all the events connected with the Orange Bowl