Haslem says he's 90 percent sure he will retire after season

Heat forward addresses his future

Udonis Haslem addresses his future

MIAMI – Udonis Haslem is almost certain that this is his last season with the Heat, almost.

Haslem retweeted an article Monday indicating that he would be retiring after the 2019 season.

However, Haslem left a small window open Tuesday to a possible return.

"My mind's pretty much set to move on to bigger and better things, but, you never know, man, I love this game. I love these guys," he said. "I'm still in good shape and I still can afford to play this game. But, you know, 90 percent of my my mind is made up for me."

When told of Haslem's new odds to return, Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said, "I'm not going there."

"So, 10 percent? So you're saying there's a chance?" Spoelstra joked. "I'm going to let him marinate, you know, for a few months."

Dwyane Wade, though, is another matter.

"Dwyane, there's zero chance," Spoelstra said. "I already broached that with him when I had lunch with him before the season. He told me, 'Coach, don't even try. It's just this season.' Alright, check. I'll let this marinate with UD for the season and then this summer, I'll have a chance to recruit."

Haslem is playing season No. 16 in Miami.

The three-time champion played college basketball at the University of Florida.

Through his career, Haslem has been the ultimate team player for the Heat. He has been a captain and enforcer.

While Haslem's minutes have been limited the past few seasons, he's taken on a huge mentorship role with younger players. 

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