Gase becomes Jets coach, addresses time in Miami

Coach focuses on young quarterback's future

Adam Gase is introduced as the Jets head coach
Adam Gase is introduced as the Jets head coach

NEW YORK – Adam Gase was officially introduced as the New York Jets head coach on Monday.

Gase said that he accepted the job in part to work with quarterback Sam Darnold and also he was "intrigued" by the chance to stay in the AFC East.

On Darnold, Gase said that he's never had the opportunity to work with a quarterback as young as Darnold.

The second-year starter is a 21-year-old.

Gase also addressed his time in Miami.

Gase said that he learned to be more patient when assembling a staff.

Also, Gase said he never asked owner Stephen Ross for roster control, "I was good, I don't even think I asked.  That was not something I was really interested in.  That's just kind of how it worked out in Miami.  That was something that was almost offered up of 'we think this is the way we should go.'"

Gase said that in Miami, he had to adjust to injuries.

His focus on offense was control the turnover margin.

Gase said, "We knew we had to play a certain way, we lost certain key pieces and we knew that we were going to have to find different ways to win.  We sacraficed statistics to try to get wins."

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