Miami Sports Pod: Watching this year's Super Bowl under protest


It's been a week, but Local 10's Clay Ferraro is still steamed about the no-call in the NFC Championship Game, so he'll be watching this week's Super Bowl under protest.

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1:05  Clay is a Louisiana-Native and he’s not happy about the blown call in the NFC Championship Game 

3:00 This call is particularly offensive because Drew Brees’ window of opportunity could be closing 

4:20 This has a feeling similar to Miami-Ohio State 

6:00 A new story comes out on Sunday that the refs were from the Los Angeles Area.  This is overshadowing a lot of Super Bowl coverage 

7:00  Was the fix in? 

11:04  Where’s NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? 

15:30  What does the NFL have against the Saints? 

21:01 Clay tries to frame this loss, with the Saints actually winning a Super Bowl in 2009 

26:00 What would the NFL do if this call had happened to the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones? 

32:00 There are some good ideas coming from this bad situation 

39:00 A call should be made regardless of when it happens