Riley on the Heat: 'We can and we will improve the team'

Heat President excited for Playoff push

The Miami Heat raise money for charity at their annual Family Festival
The Miami Heat raise money for charity at their annual Family Festival

MIAMI – Pat Riley addressed the State of the Miami Heat on Sunday.

The team held their annual Family Festival at the American Airlines Arena.

The Heat players spending time with fans and raising over $500,000 for their charitable foundation.

Riley spoke to reporters at the event.

Riley said, "That's the way the league is.  The league has tremendous parity.  There might be six who you would consider to be real viable contenders for a championship.  There might be six teams at the bottom who you would consider viable for the lottery.  There's 18 of us that are in the middle of the pack that are trying to fight our way to the top.  So, we're not happy with it, but we'll deal with it."

Riley also addressed the team's cap situation and how they plan to build a winner.

Riley said, "Let's just say this.  2020 is a room year... could be a signifcant room year.  Year want to do the math, any way you do the math, and say that we can't do it, then you don't have big dreams like I do or how we've operated here."

Riley said clearing space is easy.  He pointed to the New York Knicks and the L.A. Clippers.

Riley said, "If you have an indication that something good could happen that year, you go for it, otherwwise, you keep plugging away."

Riley said "We can and we will improve the team.  It will be much better than it is now, it just will be."

As for the playoff race, Riley said "Enjoy it."

Riley pointed to Dwyane Wade's game-winner against Golden State.



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