Miami Sports Podcast: Do you believe in Fitz-Magic?


Join Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro as they study the dark arts of Fitz-Magic and the Miami Dolphins.

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:36  The Dolphins are in prime tank position 

1:33 Fitzpatrick had more to work with in Tampa Bay 

5:00 Will gives the Dolphins offseason an A++++ 

8:00 You want to avoid losing the locker room 

12:00 We scapegoat Ryan Tannehill 

13:30  Ryan Tannehill didn’t make his teammates better and didn’t get any competition 

20:00 The Dolphins have many holes to fill 

22:00 Dolphins are trying to bring in leaders 

25:00 Stephen Ross is showing patience 

27:00 So what direction should the Dolphins go in the draft?