Miami Sports Pod: Marlins talk you should listen to


Opening day festivities are over, now it's time for some serious Marlins talk with Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro

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1:20  Fans are ready to come around and embrace the team 

2:30 Marlins are still a national punchline 

5:30  People take joy in watching Derek Jeter fail 

9:00 Jeter’s defiance so far is a mis-step 

13:00 The attendance is really bad 

17:00 The Marlins don’t do timelines, they should say they want to keep young players 

23:00 The Marlins don’t have much offense 

27:00 Garrett Cooper injury really hurts 

30:00 Marlins are using veterans to instill the culture 

35:00 It was unfair to ask Lewis Brinson to be a the face of the franchise 

41:00 Marlins are setting themselves to make moves 

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