Wade honored for on and off-court heroics in new commercials

MIAMI – You may need to grab a tissue when watching Dwyane Wade's final games, and it has nothing to do with the actual games.

During Tuesday's game vs. Philadelphia, and Wednesday's in Brooklyn, new commercials will air honoring the on and off-court heroics of Wade.

Gatorade released it's spot in which Grammy-winner John Legend sings a version of the children's classic "3 is the Magic Number," but with lyrics specifically written about Wade's life and family.

A touching commercial showcasing Wade's community will also air during the Heat legend's final home game Tuesday.

The Budweiser ad features the jersey swaps that Wade has made a nightly custom following games during his final season. But instead of swapping jerseys with fellow NBA players, Wade is seen exchanging items with those he's touched off-the-court throughout his career.

One of the more emotional meetings is with Andrea Ghersi, the sister of the late Joaquin Oliver, who was one of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. Joaquin was a big fan of Wade's and wore his #3 on his own jersey.

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"You're not Wade: The basketball player, thelegend." says Ghersi. "You're the human being that took the time, and on his own, wrote my brother's name on his shoe, and you cared."

Wade is seen getting choked up when his mother, Jolinda Wade, appears, telling how he saved her from going down the wrong road.

In her final words, Jolinda expresses the sentiment felt by most people regarding Wade and his career.

"I am more proud of the man you have become, than the basketball player.