Miami Sports Pod - NFL Mock Draft with Will and Clay

With the NFL Draft just days away, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro take a spin at predicting who will be taken and where in their first mock draft.

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2:40 Clay breaks down what Chris Grier said in his news conference ahead of the draft

3:45 Chris Grier said that he’s run the last 3 drafts for the Dolphins

5:54 I’m not going to keep myself from falling in love with a quarterback --- is a good approach for the Dolphins

7:00 If the Dolphins are in love with a quarterback, they should get him as early as they can

9:30 Just because the world likes the quarterback, doesn’t matter to the teams

12:30 The place to rebuild is on the lines

17:00 Clay’s ideal situation for the Dolphins involves a trade

23:00 The inaugural mock draft --- Will/Clay did not discuss the picks in advance (no trades)