Miami Sports Pod - No Westbrook, No Cry


Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro pick up the pieces after the dream of Russell Westbrook to the Heat is shattered. That, plus other Heat "stuff" on this week's Miami Sports Pod.

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1:00 How much was Westbrook not coming here a disappointment 

2:08  Clay thinks the Heat were being used for leverage by Houston 

6:00 The Westbrook news is disappointing 

9:00 Is Justise Winslow not the point guard of the future? 

12:00 What is Chris Paul’s worth to the Heat? 

18:00 Pat Riley doesn’t care about relevance, he only cares about a championship 

21:00 Hassan is gone, your thoughts 

26:00 The pressure is on Bam this year 

34:00 What will happen next for the Heat?