Miami Sports Pod - The 'Canes fall to the Gators and the Dolphins roster rebuild is on


On the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro recap the 'Canes loss to Florida and a Dolphins roster rebuild just weeks before the season begins.

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1:00  Is Saturday night's Canes game lack of discipline or rust? 

2:15  The Canes faced a lot of adversity 

4:00  How did Jarren Williams look in his first start? 

8:00  The one thing Jarren Williams showed was poise 

12:07  The Canes offensive line needs help 

16:00  The Canes defense brought out the turnover chain--- but do they rely on turnovers too much? 

20:00  Dolphins rebuild, TJ McDonald is gone 

22:00  The Dolphins aren't trading Laremy Tunsil (we think) 

23:30  Clay rants about Mike Tannenbaum 

28:00  Can the Dolphins move on from Kenny Stills?