Fitzpatrick, Dolphins try to focus on Cowboys, not losses, transactions

Miami prepares to take on Dallas

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is focused on beating Dallas.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is focused on beating Dallas.

DAVIE, Fla. – Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick wants his team to put the past two weeks behind them.

The Dolphins have been outscored 102-10 by the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots.

Still, head coach Brian Flores said Monday that Fitzpatrick remains the starting quarterback for now.

Fitzpatrick said one of the biggest problems is that the team has fallen behind and been playing catch up.

The score differential has forced Miami to abandon the running game.

"It's only week three," Fitzpatrick said. "Just come to work, every single day, put your head down and just do your job. Focus on doing your job."

Fitzpatrick said if each individual player does well, that will bring the collective team up.

"Sometimes they are harder to put behind you," Fitzpatrick said. "A lot of times with a loss, whether it's a one-point loss, or what we've seen the last few weeks, you're always down for a little bit. But to have two in a row, maybe it lingers a little bit longer. By Wednesday, you've got to put all your focus and energy into the next team, the next game."

The Dolphins have recently made several trades.

Fitzpatrick said in the locker room, it has to be put out there and discussed by the team, and then guys move on.

"With transactions happening, that's brought up," he said. "Guys are here, not here ... just open and honest, that stuff gets discussed right away and then you move on."

Oddsmakers have the Cowboys as three-touchdown favorites over the Dolphins on Sunday.

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