Miami Sports Pod - Tanking for Tua is tanked & the Heat might actually be good

In this episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk tanking jobs that are tanked when it comes to the Dolphins plan for Tua. Plus, the Miami Heat might actually be good.

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1:00 Tua is getting surgery on Monday, is the tank over?

2:15 Can the Dolphins trust Tua?

8:00 Does Saban take any blame for Tua's injury?

12:10 He still could get drafted this year depending on his recovery

14:00 Did the Dolphins ever have a conviction about Tua?

15:00 Jakeem Grant was a difference-maker on Sunday.

24:00 The Heat begin the week at 9-3… they have caught some breaks in the schedule

27:00 Do the heat have something to prove?

33:00 This Heat team is fun every night

36:00 The buy-in is huge by this Heat team