Local 10 gets first look at Dwyane Wade commemorative magazine

TIPOFF magazine editor gives Local 10 exclusive sneak peak at making of magazine honoring No. 3 ahead of his jersey retirement

Among the tributes to Dwyane Wade that will be found in the TIPOFF magazine is a letter from Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra to No. 3, whose jersey will be retired. (Courtesy of Miami Heat/Getty Images)

MIAMI – The Miami Heat have a big weekend planned to honor Dwyane Wade’s incredible career. That includes a ceremony on Saturday night to retire Wade’s No. 3 jersey and have it hang in the arena rafters forever.

To commentate his legacy, the Heat have designed a special commemorative TIPOFF magazine to highlight his career and accomplishments.

The magazine is a staple of any Heat home game and normally highlights certain players and the opponent, but for Wade’s weekend, it’s all about the greatest player in franchise history.

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Here's a look at the career of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, who retired at the end of the 2018-19 season.

TIPOFF magazine editor Devin Rawiszer gave Local 10 an exclusive sneak peek at the making of the magazine and the special touches it will include.

Among the unique sections is a handwritten letter from Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra to Wade. The letter highlights their special friendship and the impact Wade will always have to the Heat franchise.

Wade himself will provide a special video message to fans, but only fans who have the magazine will see it. They’ll be able to use their cellphones to scan the Miami Heat app to the front cover. That will open up a special video message from Wade directly to fans who can watch it on their phones.

Rawiszer said she had to go through thousands of images to select just the right pictures to use in the magazine.

There will be no ads or game information in the TIPOFF magazine, just images of Dwyane Wade. (Courtesy of Miami Heat)

The pictures will include images of Wade, on and off the court, from the day he was drafted to his final game in a Heat uniform. There’s also a special section about Wade’s family life.

Heat fans will be treated to two different front covers. The first will be for the season member event on Friday night. A golden image of the three championship trophies will be on the front, while the inside of the magazine will not include any ads or game information. It’s all just images and stories of Wade.

On Saturday night, the front cover will be a golden No. 3 to honor the jersey number that will be retired that night.

The back cover will have a special touch. It’s an image of an older Wade putting his arm around a younger Wade. Both pictures are in the same Heat uniform.

The back cover of the commemorative TIPOFF magazine will display this image of an older Dwyane Wade putting his arms around a younger version of himself. (Courtesy of Miami Heat)

The magazines will be a must-have for all Heat fans attending the weekend festivities.

You can get an even closer look at the magazine, and how it was made, Wednesday on Local 10 News starting at 4 p.m.

Sports director Will Manso speaks to the two women who created the special magazine and takes you to the factory where it was printed to see the finished product.

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