Miami Sports Pod - It Takes Tua, Defense and Special Teams

In this episode of the Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 Sports team talks about the Miami Dolphin’s win over the LA Rams on Sunday and the future of the team.

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:30 Tua didn’t have to do much

1:00 Situational football matters to winning games

2:15 Game plan changed when the Fins got a big lead

3:15 Tua avoided trying to force things

5:00 Dropped passes made Tua look less effective than he was

8:30 Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow comparisons

11:00 The Dolphins have the 6th best points differential in the NFL

12:00 Will is buying into this team

14:15 The Dolphins have two shutdown corners

16:15 Can the Dolphins upgrade their running game?

19:30 Fins have capital, roster, and staff--- they’re on the rise

21:20 Heat moved up their plan by a year or two, can the Dolphins?