Miami Dolphins commit $75 million to fighting cancer

Team refocusing Dolphins Cycling Challenge to year-round initiative

MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins are teaming up with Sylvester Cancer Center to tackle cancer in all its forms.

The team is making a very generous donation to help cancer patients, as well as refocusing its annual Cancer Challenge.

The Dolphins Cycling Challenge began in 2010, now entering its 11th year, but instead of an annual bike ride, the team is making a year-round promise to support life-saving cancer research.

While the mission remains the same, the organization is taking a ‘one team, one fight’ mentality that will now be known as Dolphins Challenge Cancer (DCC).

The Dolphins are also committing $75 million to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

According to a statement released by the team:

As the Dolphins Challenge Cancer, the organization will now become a collective movement providing hope to families and friends, coworkers, and neighbors who have been affected by cancer. The DCC is passionately invested in more than 300 doctors and researchers that work to find the cure for your cancer.

“At a time when our country is facing economic and medical hardships, the health and well-being of the South Florida community, including those affected by cancer, remains a top area of focus for our community efforts,” said Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel. “We continue to be inspired by the high-level research and patient care at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and are proud to expand our support.”

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