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Ricky Williams discusses his Dolphins career and astrology podcast with Local 10

Williams’ path was unique, so it’s no surprise his professional path has now taken him on another unique road: astrology.
Williams’ path was unique, so it’s no surprise his professional path has now taken him on another unique road: astrology.

MIAMI – It’s been over a decade since Ricky Williams last played in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

His career in South Florida included the high of a league rushing title in 2002 to the low of being suspended from the NFL in 2004 for a failed marijuana test and then deciding to retire.

Yet through it all, Williams returned to Miami for another five seasons and is currently second on the team’s all-time rushing list.

Williams’ path was unique, so it’s no surprise his professional path has now taken him on another unique road: astrology.

The former all-pro joined Local 10 Sports Sunday to discuss his latest venture, a podcast called “Curious Questions with Ricky Williams.”

Williams says the podcast really stems from his experiences in Miami. He learned astrology during his first suspension from the league and came back to the Dolphins with a clearer mind.

“My life was in shambles at that time. Everything I had built into my football career was a mess,” Williams told Local 10.

Williams met a woman who started talking to him about astrology. He immediately took to it and even used his growing passion and knowledge on his Dolphins teammates.

“Really the idea of ‘Curious Questions’ started when I was playing for the Dolphins because when I came back the second half of my career as a Dolphin, I knew astrology,” Williams explained.

He added, “usually it would be on flights home from away games because guys were more relaxed and we had time together and I would have my computer with me.”

Williams says some teammates were skeptical, but he felt comfortable being around the guys and really studying how astrology worked and that led to conversation. He would start by asking for their birthdate and going from there. That’s the concept he’ll use for his podcast.

The conversations he had with teammates on flights will now take place for all to hear, but his interview subjects will be from all walks of life.

Williams says his goal is to enlighten and show people how clearing your mind and following your passions can pay off.

In describing what he wants people to learn, Williams says, “in all of our lives there’s certain myths playing out in our lives. You realize that life is really all about living out these stories, so hopefully people feel more creative.”

He attributes much of his creativity from things he learned in Miami. It’s clear that despite the up’s and down’s, Williams sees it as a very significant time in his life.

Williams reflected on his Dolphins career by telling Local 10, “the second half (of my Dolphins career), even though I didn’t have as many yards or accolades, I enjoyed it much more. I felt more connected to the city. I felt more connected to the fans. I felt more part of the community. I grew up in Miami.”

He even said that if he ever moved from California, he’s told his wife it would be to Miami.

The same person who was so shy and uncomfortable around the media that he would wear a helmet while talking, now stands in front of hundreds and even thousands of people to discuss subjects near and dear to his heart.

Of the awkward moments and difficult times during his career, Williams says, “all of it prepared me to do what I’m doing now.”

Unique, insightful and always honest, Williams is hoping the style that helped him grow and evolve will resonate with his listeners.

From professional football player to professional astrologer, Ricky Williams has sparked the curiosity of many people over the years.

Now it’s his turn to use his curiosity and astrological knowledge to entertain and enlighten even more.

“Curious Questions with Ricky Williams” is available on Apple podcast and Spotify.

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Will Manso came back home to South Florida when he joined Local 10 in March of 1999. During his time here, Will has kept busy by working in sports, news and he's even dabbled in entertainment. He is now Local 10's sports director and also enjoys the chance to serve as host for special shows on Local 10.