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Heat unveil ‘Trophy Gold’ uniforms that debut Thursday night

Jerseys will be worn for 3 upcoming games and replica sales are limited

Closer look at Miami Heat 'Trophy Gold' uniform
Closer look at Miami Heat 'Trophy Gold' uniform

MIAMI – The Miami Heat have long been known for having some of the brightest and flashiest alternate uniforms in the NBA. Their “Vice” campaign has been the most popular selling merchandise of any team in the league.

Now the team is using a color that has long been a part of their core colors but never used before for a full uniform: trophy gold.

The team will officially debut its Earned Edition uniform entitled “Trophy Gold” on Thursday, and it’s an eye-opener.

The 16 teams that made last season’s NBA playoffs were rewarded with an exclusive on-court look that each team was allowed to design with the Nike/NBA Earned Edition program.

The Heat will wear the uniform for three games, starting with Thursday’s home game against the Orlando Magic.

A look at the Miami Heat's "Trophy Gold" uniforms. (Courtesy of Miami Heat)

Heat Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer Michael McCullough talked to Local 10 Sports about the idea behind the unique color pattern for the new uniforms.

“The one piece of the core color that we really haven’t done much with is the gold striping that we have on our uniform sides,” McCullough explained.

He continued, “We wanted to take that gold striping which represents our championship legacy and our striving for championships in each year and create a uniform that is based around that.”

Early pictures of the uniforms that leaked on social media had fans wondering why the Heat would have yellow colors for a uniform.

“That color is definitely trophy gold, and when you see the uniform in person it is definitely a gold uniform,” McCullough said.

He added, “While it’s different from our core colors, it is part of our core brand, part of our Heat colors. Unlike what we’ve done with Vice which is create a completely different color scheme, this is actually within the core Heat color family.”

Will fans agree? They’ll see for themselves soon enough on the court.

The Heat will wear the Trophy Gold uniform during the following three games:

March 11 vs. Orlando Magic

March 16 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

March 17 at Memphis Grizzlies

The Trophy Gold campaign will also be unique to fans. Only 6,031 jerseys will be available for purchase from the Heat. The number 6,031 represents the sum of each of the three championship seasons: 2006 + 2012 + 2013 = 6,031.

Each jersey is individually numbered in the team’s “CHAMPIONS” font just above the tag to make it unique to the fan who owns it.

Limited quantities of the Collector’s Edition Trophy Gold jerseys, as well as other Trophy Gold merchandise, can be purchased at TheMiamiHEATStore.com beginning March 17 at midnight.

Small quantities will be available at the Heat store locations at AmericanAirlines Arena, Dolphin Mall, Pembroke Lakes Mall and Miami International Airport on March 18 when stores open.

A look at the Miami Heat's "Trophy Gold" uniforms. (Courtesy of Miami Heat)

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