USA Diving on TikTok will get you hyped for the Olympics

You’ve got to check out DiveTok

Kassidy Cook and Sarah Bacon of the United States. (Denis Doyle, Getty Images)

When you think of the Summer Olympics, do you think of swimming? Gymnastics? Basketball? Track and field?

We’d understand if diving WASN’T quite at the top of your list. Sure, it’s similar to swimming in that the sport revolves around water, but diving is most certainly its own thing.

And it’s a pretty impressive sport. USA Diving, the governing body of the sport, is actually on TikTok -- and the page is phenomenal. True to TikTok form, the videos are pretty short (usually 10-20 seconds, if we had to estimate an average), so it’s not as if you have to tune into a YouTube episode’s worth of material. These are quick watches, set to catchy tunes, they’re educational and entertaining.

We thought it’d be fun to list five reasons why you too should take a break from “FoodTok” (if you’re a foodie), “MakeupTok” (if you’re into beauty trends) or whatever you typically watch on the oh-so addictive app ... and come check out “DiveTok,” as it jokingly calls itself. Here’s why:

1. The account posts a strong stream of regular content.

And it’s really great stuff! Some of the videos, you’ll want to watch multiple times. These dives can be mesmerizing, and the athletes are seriously impressive. If you haven’t spotted a USA Diving video on your FYP (For You Page) just yet, we’re surprised. Whoever runs this account does an incredible job. SO many of their posts go viral. Here are a few examples:


Reply to @northkakalaka they need a good grip! Sometimes they also use special cream for extra tackiness #MaxPlumpJump #championsareforgedinwater

♬ Love by Kendrick Lamar - rapidsongs

We checked to see if USA Gymnastics, USA Track and Field, USA Basketball or any of the other popular summer Olympic sports are following suit. Unless we’re just not finding these accounts -- OK, USA Basketball does have about 2,500 followers, which is nothing compared to USA Diving’s 133,500 -- we feel like the divers are blowing this thing out of the water. Pun intended).

2. As you might have noticed if you watched those videos above, you can ask your diving questions, and you just might get a response.

Who hasn’t wondered a thing or two about the sport of diving?

How long does it take two partners to synchronize a dive, anyway? What’s that little towel for? Is a small splash better than a bigger one? Did all the athletes start as gymnasts? Who gets to make it to the Olympics?

So many of the TikToks address these questions and more.


Reply to @superiixx96 it takes practice but can happen pretty quick! #championsareforgedinwater #championsareforgedinwater #divetok #squadgoals


Let’s be honest, probably not a lot of us grew up watching diving like we did football and basketball. So if you have a question on your mind, ask away! It’s pretty cool that this account offers regular responses.

BTW, we’re not the only people who’ve noticed and appreciated USA Diving’s social media team. Look at the comment below:

3. You can get to know the sport and the athletes, before the Olympics.

Watching the Olympics along with the rest of the world can be so exciting, especially in this age of social media (well, except for the spoilers. If you’re looking to avoid those, that can be hard, depending on what country is hosting and what time zone the Games are in).

Anyway, following this TikTok account gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the sport before the athletes head to Tokyo, so when the Olympics air, you’ll be all caught up on how the judging works, who exactly to watch and how it all goes down. It’s more fun to be a fan when you know what’s happening, right?

4. It’s strong inspiration.

Whoever mans this account says diving can be for everyone -- and we love that energy. Over on DiveTok, it’s positive athletic vibes; a learning experience, and we can’t get enough.

5. It’ll help you grow that Team USA pride.

Meet some of the athletes in this clip below.

There are 14 possible diving spots for Tokyo, and the Trials are actually set for Sunday.

So if you’re known to tune in to some of the other Olympic sports, now you have another you can add to your must-watch list.

So, did we convince you? Will you be watching diving on the big stage this summer?

We certainly will be!