Miami Marlins host ‘Touch Tour’ for blind, visually impaired teens at loanDepot Park

MIAMI – The Miami Marlins hosted their “Touch Tour” event for blind and visually impaired teenagers at loanDepot Park on Wednesday.

Attendees began the event on the field and had the opportunity to feel the clay and turf and hear from one of the Marlins groundkeepers as they described the playing surface in great detail.

“I want them to feel the important parts of the field that is the grass area and the infield area,” said Marlins Manager of Grounds Javier Carrillo.

Local 10 News spoke with teenagers from the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. which is an organization that focuses on providing hope, confidence, and independence to people of all ages while transforming the lives of over 90,000 blind and visually impaired people annually.

While sight is their disability, their senses of touch and hearing are their strong suits.

“Very few blind people actually get the opportunity to physically be out on the field to be able to touch that which others see with their eyes,” said Virginia Jacko, President/CEO of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind.

The teens also received a tour of the Marlins dugout and were able to interact with players.

They even had the chance to test out professional baseball equipment like bats, gloves and even catcher’s gear.

“It’s pretty cool to like actually be out on the field and feel all the stuff the players get to use,” said Miami Lighthouse teen Kaden Jamid.

Attendees had the chance to meet Marlins catcher Nick Fortes, who told Local 10 News that he was grateful that the kids had this opportunity.

“It’s super important. We take a lot of pride in giving these kids this opportunity because these are kids that may not have the chance to (play) baseball or do some of the things we have got to do in our lives,” he said.

For more information about the Miami Lighthouse organization and the Touch Tour event, click here.

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