Battier explains funky mustache

Forward grows facial hair for good cause

By David Lang - Executive Producer
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MIAMI - Shane Battier took to twitter Tuesday night to explain his funky mustache.

Battier's first tweed was "Since my MOstache is confusing people, scaring babies, and being rad, I will take the next five minutes to answer questions about it."

Battier than answered a wide variety of questions.

Battier was asked if has a comb to brush it.

He answered, "Yes, mother-of-pearl handled."

Battier was asked why did he choose that specific syle of stache?

He replied, "Started with Frito Bandito, ended up with 'Bat-stache.'"

Battier was asked what his family thinks of his new look.

Battier said, "family just shakes head, sadly."

Battier was asked if he's been stopped by any police officers.

He answered, "No, just by random woman who love a strong MAN."

Battier was asked why he's growing it.

Battier said, "raising $$ and awareness for cancer research."

Battier said his teammates look at mustache with "Confusion, disbelief, but respect.  Mostly respect."

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