Heat arrive in San Antonio ahead of Finals

Miami set to practice on Wednesday

By David Lang - Executive Producer

SAN ANTONIO - The Miami Heat have arrived in San Antonio ahead of the NBA Finals.

The Heat plane touched down early Tuesday evening.

Before taking off for Texas, Miami held a practice at the American Airlines Arena.

Coach Erik Spoelstra was asked about his team's legacy as they try to three-peat.

Spoelstra said, "From the first year, we developed a habit of compartmentalizing and focusing on now.  There were a lot of lessons from that first year, of not getting up in too many storylines.  But the stroylines of legacy don't win you a game.  Certainly not a series.  You have to get your hands dirty and figure it out."

LeBron James was asked about being named All-NBA 2nd team on defense.

LeBron said "I don't like being second in anything."

A reporter asked if that provided LeBron with any extra motivation, he said "I don't need any more motivation.  I'm going to explode if I had any more motivation."

Chris Bosh was asked about the team's mentality a few days before Game 1, he said "We're still building towards Game 1, still building the game plan.  Slowly, getting used to situations and recognizing situations and what we want to do offensively and defensively."

Dwyane Wade was asked if the teams minded the long wait for the Finals.

Wade, who has been recovering from a knee injury all year, enjoys the extra time.

Wade said, "It's good.  In the FInals you have two older teams right here so this is not a bad thing at all.  you know, no on is like we want to play right away.  I think they can enjoy their days and we enjoy our days and make sure any bumps and bruises you know, they can get a little better.  But I think we understand how to police ourselves and how to make sure that we stay game ready as possible."

The Heat will practice in San Antonio on Wednesday afternoon.

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