LeBron opens up on twitter

Heat star answers question from fans

By David Lang - Executive Producer
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MIAMI - Heat star LeBron James did a late night question and answer session for fans on twitter.

Here's some of what he had to say.

LeBron was asked where he's like to visit, he replied South Africa, Jerusalem, or Dubai.

LeBron said the toughest player to guard man to man is either Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Durant.

LeBron's favorite shot to take is a layup.

For the best movie he's seen recently, LeBron went with "anything with Jennifers in it.  Lawrence or Aniston."

LeBron was asked if his hairline is a sensitive topic to him "Not at all.  My pops screwed me with this hairline.  Dang it!  Haha."

LeBron was asked if he feels nervous before a game.

He said "All the time!"

Asked what professional team he has love for other than the Heat, LeBron said "LFC."

LeBron said his favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.

His favorite NFL player "Prime Time!"

Finally, LeBron was asked "How do I get my baby to fall asleep?"

He responded "Put my performance in the 2011 Finals on!  Night night immediately."

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