Will's Sports Blog: Sparano Likely Fall Guy

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MIAMI - Tony Sparano promised Dolphins fans before the season that his team would win. Four weeks into the season, they've yet to do that. Not even a single game. Now, with an 0-4 record, most Dol-Fans and so-called football experts are calling for Sparano's head. The reality is, he'll likely be fired as Miami's coach, sooner than later. That said, I no longer think he's really the problem. Sometimes you just have to look into the mirror and accept the obvious: the Dolphins are not a good football team.

I admit I fell for Sparano's excitement before the season. I saw a team that won seven games last year, had a top 10 defense and added a playmaker in Reggie Bush on offense. Well, the defense has been one of the worst in the league, while the Fins still can't figure out how to use Bush. Now throw into the mix an injured Chad Henne, with no real capable back-up QB, and it's clear, the Dolphins will be lucky to win four games this year. Yes, Sparano hasn't gotten the best from his team, but I'm not sure how good this team could be with any coach.

The shortened NFL offseason certainly didn't do the Dolphins any favors in chasing potential free agents, but 31 other teams had the same issue, and yet, the Fins are one of only 4 winless teams in the league. Jeff Ireland deserves plenty of blame in this, as well. Miami's draft picks and free agents have made little to no impact. While young stars like Hakeem Nicks and Dez Bryant make big plays weekly for other teams (the Dolphins passed on both in recent drafts), big money receiver Brandon Marshall keeps dropping passes for Miami. The team also failed to address a real veteran back-up for Henne, even though everyone knew Henne might continue to be mediocre. Also, the offensive line assembled by this front office has been a major disappointment.

In the end, Sparano will take the fall, and it's probably the best move. Let's face it, if owner Stephen Ross had his wish, Jim Harbaugh would be coaching this team right now. Instead, Sparano is a dead man walking and the face of frustration for Dolphins fans everywhere.

I've had dozens of fans email or send me Facebook-Twitter messages about the team "Sucking for Luck." That's the campaign of some fans hoping the team continues to struggle and maybe lands the top pick in next year's draft. Of course, that would mean the chance to take Stanford QB Andrew Luck. It's hard to see a fan base root against their team, but at this point, it's hard to criticize Dol-Fans. They've been through enough. Maybe Luck is just what Miami needs to turn this franchise around. It's hard to say, at this point. One thing has become very evident through four weeks: Sparano is far from the only problem with this team.