Local 10's Ian Margol suffers autocorrect fail, colleagues mock him endlessly


MIAMI – Colleagues of Local 10's Ian Margol with tell you, without fail, that he is a respectable, kind and appropriate human being and reporter.

But those same colleagues refused to take their foot off the pedal when their comrade suffered an awesome autocorrect fail on Wednesday morning.

While setting up a meeting place to interview someone he had never met regarding a tax credit story, Ian accidentally expressed perhaps a little too much appreciation for the suggested time and place.

Margol, of course, meant to simply say, "That's fine."

Unfortunately, the autocorrect demons replied with, "That's fine babe." 


Sure, Ian was happy to get the interview as an element to what would surely be a great story, but whoa... that's laying it on a little thick!

Of course, a red-faced Ian quickly apologized, admitting the awkward autocorrect and his interview subject responded with a laugh and crying face.

Ian finished off the conversation with a meme declaring his intentions of immediately finding a rock to crawl under and go about the good-natured interview.

But being colleagues with investigative reporters has its downside as Ian was peppered with questions from his colleagues, like Amy Viteri who asked, "So, seriously, how often are you writing "That's fine babe" ???

The mocking has yet to subside.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - A previous version of this article incorrectly attributed the writing of the article to Ian Margol.)