Todd Tongen drove '10 Taxi' to become South Florida icon

MIAMI – It's impossible to name just one characteristic that made Todd Tongen so phenomenal at his job, or just one story that made him so beloved in South Florida.

But if there were images of Todd stand out over others, they the ones with him at work behind the "10 Taxi."

For years, Tongen would drive the streets at the wheel of his 1967 Checker Cab with celebrities as his fare.

From Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson to Vanna White to ABC's Peter Jennings, all took their turns sharing stories in the backseat of the "10 Taxi."

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Captaining the taxi without a special permit, but with a sharp wit and humor, Tongen brought out the best of his non-paying passengers. 

Local 10's Michael Putney said Jennings once told him he always remembered his drive in the taxi and Tongen as its driver.

Eventually, the "10 Taxi" drove it's final mile, but Tongen and the car never split. After it's run with the station, Todd purchased the cab and kept it at his home.

The two never separated.