Clay Ferraro

Sports Reporter

Clay Ferraro joined the Local 10 News team in 2014 to take his dream job: covering big-time sports at a first-class station in paradise. 

You could say Clay was born to do this job. His first television appearance was on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon when he was in his mother's belly and he spent his childhood imitating sports broadcasters he would see and hear on radio and TV. So once it was clear he would never be good enough to actually play any sports (although he still tries and has delusions he could), pursuing a career in television was the natural next step.

Clay began his career at VTTV on the campus of Virginia Tech. From there, his professional career has taken him from San Angelo, Texas, to Idaho Falls, Idaho, and now here to Florida. He spent 11 years in Fort Myers before moving to the east coast of the state. He's been fortunate enough to cover some amazing events in South Florida in the past, and he's thrilled to now get the chance to cover them on a daily basis.

While he loves sports, Clay's true loves are his beautiful wife, Kristen, and daughter, Adelyn. They are so excited to make South Florida home and would appreciate any recommendations for great restaurants (especially Italian food). When he's not working or spending time with his family, Clay loves working out, cooking and reading about sports. If you see him out, make sure to say hello.