Flying high with the Proto X drone

Learning to buzz on a budget


If you're itching to join the drone revolution but don't have a lot of money to spend, the Proto X is a great way to launch your remote-controlled flying career.

The nano-sized drone is ready to fly, right out of the box.

Setup is super simple.  Instructions in English, Spanish and French are included and they couldn't be easier to understand, along with illustrations.

You charge up the drone by connecting to a computer or other power source through an included USB cable.  A red indicator light on the cable lets you know when it's charging and goes off when the drone is fully charged.

The remote that controls the mini-drone requires 2 AAA batteries.  It will flash a warning light to let you know when to replace the batteries.

Once the Proto X is fully charged, you just switch it on and each propeller lights up.   Then you switch on the remote and the two connect, letting you know they're paired with a beep and flash of the lights. Now you're cleared for liftoff.

While getting the drone charged up and ready to fly is easy, learning how to master it in the air is a lot tougher.   I am still working on my liftoff and landing skills, not to mention keeping the flight steady. Practice, practice, practice!

Luckily, the Proto X is tough and can handle almost any spill. The propeller blades pop right back on after you knock them off and if you lose one (which I already did), it comes with 2 replacement blades (I'm sure I'm going to need a lot more).

The Proto X is extremely tiny, which makes it a lot of fun to fly indoors.   But your pets may be freaked out by it.

The nano drone holds its charge for quite a while.  You can get a lot of flying done before the lights start blinking to warn you the unit is losing power.   Once it loses too much, it won't fly and you need to recharge it, which doesn't take very long.

The Proto X is great for kids as well as adults.  If you're looking to try out a drone but don't have a lot of money to spend, then the Proto X is the way to fly.


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