Incredible 88% of adults are 'Zombie Eaters' who eat while watching screens


MIAMI – Remember when going out to eat meant spending time and catching up with those close to you?

Well, apparently those days are long gone as a new study shows that a whopping (and terrible) 88 percent of adults are "zombie eaters" who watch screens or tech devices while eating.

And that's not the worst of it. The study commissioned by Pretzel Crisps shows that adults only have five screen-free meals per week and the average person checks their screens at least two times during a meal.

An amazing 91 percent of the people surveyed admitted to watching television while eating, while 83 percent say their food has gone cold because they spend too much time figuring out what to watch, according to the New York Post.

“‘Zombie Eating’ is something most of us can relate to – we’re busy, we’re productive, and we’re constantly on the move,” says Syreeta Norwood, Senior Brand Manager at Pretzel Crisps.