Report: Disney World considering new Volcano-themed coaster?

Rumored coaster to be built in Adventureland


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Is Walt Disney World about to build a new addition to the Magic Kingdom mountain range?

Friday's report on Screamscape, a dependable theme park information website, claims rumors are floating around that say Disney officials are considering a new Volcano-themed coaster for the resort's oldest theme park.

The volcano coaster concept, which would be built in Adventureland, stems from a previous idea that never made it off the drawing board called Fire Mountain.

Screamscape says the original idea for Fire Mountain was conceived in the early 2000's, but was scrapped when the ride system to be used was allegedly not successful.

However, now that Disney's Polynesian-themed Moana proved to be a hit, the home of Mickey Mouse may be moved to capitalize on the movie's popularity.

According to the report, the entrance to the new coaster would be next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, with the actual volcano placed in a corner of the Jungle Cruise.

The DisneySea resort in Tokyo is already home to Mt. Prometheus, a volcano which currently houses two attractions.

If the coaster is indeed built at Walt Disney World, it would add another "mountain" to the Magic Kingdom range that already contains Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.