VIDEO: Baby walruses meeting for first time may be cutest thing ever

ORLANDO, Fla. – Try and come up with something cuter than two baby walruses meeting for the very first time.

(We'll give you a few seconds)

See, it's nearly impossible to top the moment when the two walruses, Ginger and Aku, made an instant connection at SeaWorld.

After a few minutes of hesitation, the two walruses shared a bottle feeding and then played and frolicked around their habitat.

At just two weeks old, Aku was rescued in June after being found abandoned off the coast of Alaska. Due to his age, he was deemed non-releasable by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and sent to SeaWorld Orlando to find a companion.

Aku's relationship with Ginger, who was born at the theme park on June 3, is important as the two have formed a social bond that the park says will last for years.

Aku is just the latest orphaned walrus raised at SeaWorld Orlando. The theme park has raised 10 orphans over the last 50 years, including Ginger's father, Garfield.