Trump makes debut as Disney's Hall of Presidents reopens

Longtime attraction had been under renovation for almost a year


ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents attraction will reopen Tuesday with an "Audio-Animatronics" figure of President Donald Trump, the company said.

The famous attraction, which originally opened in 1971, had been under renovation for almost a year.

The company said in a blog post that the Trump figure features technology that enables "smoother and more lifelike movements." President Trump recorded remarks for the attraction, following the lead of previous presidents since the early 1990s.

"Landmark moments in history come alive on a panoramic 180-degree screen that transports guests across more than 200 years of the American story," the company writes.  "High-impact projection, sound, lighting and other enhancements take guests into rare and indelible moments in history that helped define a nation."

In past years, the Disney theme park attraction would close for a short period of time to include the newest president. However, Trump's inclusion has taken much longer than expected, as he was elected over a year ago.

The Hall of Presidents was set to reopen on June 29, but has remained closed since Jan. 17.