Is Disney World really going to change theme park name to this?

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – With so many changes going on throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, it should come as no surprise that even the theme park names are not safe.

But this? Really?

According to Orlando Weekly, the folks at the mouse house are considering renaming Disney's Hollywood Studios to... hold on to your Mickey Ears... Cinemagine Park.

Let that one swirl around the ol' noggin for a bit.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in 2015 that the park formerly known as MGM Studios was likely headed for another name change, but Cinemagine Park is a tad drastic.

The report says Disney began asking guests about possible names in a survey last summer. Some of the options included Disney Beyond Park, Hyperia Park, Kaleidoscope Park, Storyverse Park, XL Park and, yes, Cinemagine Park.

Now you just need to spend a few weeks figuring out how to spell it. No problem, right?

As you might imagine, there is already an uproar online about Cinemagine Park and most people are unhappy.

With the soon-to-be additions of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge and Toy Story coming to the park, it seems a name change, if there is one, could be officially announced in the near future.