Broward County residents served bugs at Disney resort, lawsuit says

Lawsuit claims woman 'felt something crawling inside of her mouth' at Polynesian

A lawsuit filed on behalf of four Broward County residents included these photographs that appear to show bugs on lettuce in food served at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Four South Florida residents are suing Walt Disney World, claiming they were served food contaminated with "dozens of live insects and bugs" while vacationing at a Disney resort.

Broward County residents Cynthia Walker, Jeoffrey Walker and Brittany Walker Figueroa, who is also suing on behalf of her child, claim they were served the bug-filled food while eating at the Oasis Bar & Grill club-level lounge buffet at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort in December.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Orange County court, seeks damages in excess of $15,000.

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According to the lawsuit, Walker Figueroa had eaten multiple lettuce wraps with chicken, vegetables and various sauces when she "felt something crawling inside of her mouth and removed what appeared to be a small green object that had legs and was moving."

The lawsuit includes photographs that appear to show insects on lettuce.

Coral Spring attorney William McFarlane alleged in the lawsuit that Walker Figueroa's "injury of food poisoning and subsequent illnesses, diagnosed by the plaintiff's treating physicians, is a type of injury that ordinarily does not occur unless someone was negligent."

The lawsuit also claims the plaintiffs were "served contaminated food" in their hotel room that made them sick.

"Enjoying high-quality meals in clean and safe restaurants is an important part of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation," a Disney representative said in a statement to Local10.com. "We do not believe the claimed illnesses were a result of the guests' dining experiences, and we will defend against these allegations in court."

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