Strech of I-95 near Griffin Road known for crashes, confusion has been fixed

Express lane merge will now take place near Stirling Road

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – For commuters on I-95 north, the a sudden merge in the left lane at the Griffin Road exit forced drivers in the fast lane to suddenly slow down – which has resulted in several accidents.

As of this weekend, the so-called lane drop is no more.

It's something the Florida Department of Transportation calls a modification -- but it's more like a fix.

Drivers claim that the old lane drop caused a bottleneck and backups where there were no daily backups before.

Local 10 News investigated and found that last year alone, in the span of nine months, there were 56 crashes and 47 people injured where the lane merge happens.

From now on, drivers in the regular lanes will continue along with no sudden merge to worry about.

Instead, now the northbound express lanes will flow from two lanes into one.

The new merge point is in the express lanes just south of Stirling Road.

This, though,  is a temporary measure, until phase three of the project, in which there will be two express lanes stretching 29 miles north of Stirling Road to Linton Boulevard in Palm Beach County.

That phase won't be completed until 2024.

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