Drivers call U.S. 441, Pembroke Road intersection most dangerous in South Florida

Improvements to finish by winter 2019

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – South Florida drivers are fed up with the intersection of U.S. 441 and Pembroke Road near Hollywood, calling it the most dangerous intersection in South Florida.

Drivers said the intersection is poorly marked and littered with potholes and everybody on the road is in danger.

But does it deserve the title of the most dangerous intersection?

"I drive everyday 10 or 12 times," Julio Cedeno said. "It's horrible. About three accidents a day, different times a day."

Another man who drives for a living told Local 10 News that construction in the area has caused a mess.

In just about an hour, Local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez saw close call after close call and traffic infraction after traffic infraction.

"It really starts right at Sheridan, and from Sheridan on up right there to county line. It's horrible," one driver said.

With construction ongoing on for a chunk of U.S. 441, the Pembroke Road intersection is the area that authorities have seen the most trouble.

Hollywood police reported 30 wrecks there since the start of the year.

Miramar police also has jurisdiction in the area and reported two wrecks this year.

The Broward Sheriff's Office covers the area, as well.  

There's next to no signage in the area and road work in the area is expected to continue until winter 2019.

The Florida Department of Transportation promises that improvements are coming.

Construction crews said most of the accidents they've seen near the intersection have been south of Pembroke Road and involved vehicles making left turns from either intersections or driveways that are signed as right-turn-only.

Those movements will not be possible once the traffic in both directions is separated during the median construction phase, because only right turns will be permitted.

Multiple improvements are in the works, including adding one through lane in each direction for a total of six lanes, in addition to turn lanes, adding raised medians and constructing a new storm sewer system and retention ponds.

Sidewalks are also expected to be replaced with ADA compliant ramps on both sides of the road.


About the Author:

Andrew Perez is a South Florida native who joined the Local 10 News team in May 2014.