Hundreds of Trump supporters drive through streets of Miami

MIAMI, Fla. – There was a large show of support for President Trump in the streets of Miami on Saturday.

With the general election just weeks away, supporters came out in droves to rally for Trump’s re-election.

One caravan was near the Magic City Casino and due to the large volume of vehicles, City of Miami police officers were out directing traffic.

Another caravan of supporters drove through the streets of Little Havana in front of the landmark Cuban restaurant, Versailles, on Calle Ocho.

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People there were out in front of the restaurant, while others drove by with everyone waving both American and Cuban flags.

Edward Torrens of Homestead participated in the Little Havana rally. He said Trump is his candidate to win in November.

“From a family perspective, just some of the ideas of free market, businesses, for me that’s my support,” Torrens said.

Estimates were that about 500 to 1,000 supporters took part in the caravans.

(UPDATE: Despite reports from a blog post that stated that the Miami Police Department estimated 30,000 cars participated in the caravan, a spokesperson from MPD told Local 10 that they could not provide how many vehicles participated as they “do not give estimations.”)

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