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Biden blitz in the Midwest, VP running mate coming to South Florida

Biden in Iowa Friday, Kamala Harris comes to South Florida Saturday
Biden in Iowa Friday, Kamala Harris comes to South Florida Saturday

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Kamala Harris will stump in South Florida on Saturday. On Friday, Joe Biden with a blitz  in the Midwest. He first hit the ground in Iowa and holding one of his signature drive-in rallies at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

Biden is painting himself as a friend of the middle class, amid criticism his corporate tax increases would have an indirect impact on the average American.

“It’s about time that a guy or woman who graduated from a state university is able to sit in the Oval Office because if I’m sitting there, you will be too,” Biden said at his drive-in rally.  “You know who really built this country? It wasn’t Wall Street. It wasn’t CEOs. It was hard-working folks, like all of you,” he said.

Biden and President Donald Trump also made appearances Friday in the battleground states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a key state in the election. Hillary Clinton lost the state because she all but ignored it, according to critics.

Wisconsin is also now seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. Biden argued to those at his rally that he is the better candidate to handle the pandemic.

“Doctor Fauci called last week for a masked mandate. It isn’t a political statement. It’s a patriotic duty. Still, Donald Trump refuses to listen to science. He politicizes the race for a vaccine,” Biden said.

Kamala Harris was in Texas Friday and will be in South Florida on Saturday.

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