Trump wins Florida, just as he predicted — in large part because of Miami-Dade

President Donald Trump's confidence that he would defeat Joe Biden in his home state of Florida turned out to be accurate.

Florida was on the mind of Donald Trump as the polls closed on Election Night, and the president’s confidence in his home state proved to be accurate.

Trump has been declared the winner over Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the key battleground of Florida, worth 29 electoral votes.

Trump’s advisors in Washington had told Local 10 News' Ross Palombo on Tuesday afternoon that they were 100% certain that would happen, a significant boost in his effort to secure a second term.

And Miami-Dade County was a big reason. The county ultimately chose Biden, but by a far lesser margin than Hillary Clinton won by there in 2016.

Clinton won over 63% of the Miami-Dade vote in 2016. Biden took 53%.

Trump campaigned hard in Miami-Dade, particularly focusing on Hispanic voters.

See below how the vote played out throughout the state — including in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties.

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