Demings cements general election matchup against Rubio for US Senate seat

Val Demings unveils her tour bus which will take her across the state to campaign with what she says will give her 'one on one time' with voters.

In the U.S. Senate race, Tuesday’s primary cemented a general election matchup between incumbent Republican Marco Rubio and Democratic congresswoman Val Demings, who is giving up her Orlando-based seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A Primary Election night watch party was held Tuesday in the heart of Orlando, celebrating the city’s former police chief.

“I stand before you tonight believing in the promise of America, because I have seen the promise of America,” Demings said in her victory speech. “My mother and my father, a maid and a janitor, believed in this moment, in the power, in the greatness of this country. I really do believe that together, we can do anything and everything. And with your help, come Nov. 8, I will be elected the next United States Senator to represent the great state, my home state, your home state, of Florida.”

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Val Demings, of Orlando, won Tuesday’s Primary Election and will face off against Rep. Sen. Marco Rubio in the General Election.

By now, you’ve likely seen the commercials already laser focused on senior Sen. Rubio.

Both have been trading jabs on their records.

“What we have learned is that Marco Rubio will make his mouth say anything,” Demings said during a past news appearance.

“I’ve always known that my opponent for the Senate was going to be a far-left Democrat,” Rubio said.

Analysts agree — challenging those narratives will be key as both go on the attack.

Demings supports late-term abortions and expanded background checks for firearms. Rubio says she’s weak on immigration and too radical for Florida.

Rubio, meanwhile, made an appearance Tuesday night in Hialeah with Gov. Ron DeSantis and other elected officials.

Rubio not only touched on Demings winning the Democratic Primary, but also took time in his speech to criticize other Democrats like President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“It doesn’t matter what these individual candidates tell you they believe in. They’re going to follow the line,” he said.

Three other Democrats ran against Demings for the chance to unseat Rubio, including Ricardo De La Fuente, Brian Rush and William Sanchez.

WATCH: Rubio, DeSantis hold event in Hialeah:





Val Demings (D)
Ricardo De La Fuente (D)
Brian Rush (D)
William Sanchez (D)

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