Tornado touches down in Delray Beach

Church worker says she 'almost got sucked out' of open door

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A possible tornado touched down Thursday morning near Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach.

Delray Beach Fire-Rescue said there was damage consistent with tornado-force winds near Homewood Boulevard and West Atlantic Avenue, just west of Interstate 95.

Several trees and power lines were damaged, but the School District of Palm Beach County said there was no damage to the school.

JP Listick, who works at nearby St. Mary's Anglican Catholic Church, said she was opening the door for a deliveryman and "almost got sucked out the door."

"Behind him was just pure rain, and patio furniture was flying by," she said.

Listick said what she experienced was "pretty scary."

"Ryan grabbed me, I grabbed the door and then he grabbed the door," Listick said.

Bishop Bill Perkins arrived minutes later.

"Literally, if I had been a minute earlier, I could have been underneath that palm tree that fell in the lot," Perkins said.

Listick said there was minor damage, but nobody was hurt.

"You're really not thinking," Listick said. "You're just saying, 'Thank you God.'"

Listick credits her faith and a cross that she wears around her neck -- a gift from her grandmother -- with keeping her safe.

"She lived to 100 years old. She gave me this cross, so she's with me all the time," Listick said. "I'm very blessed."

A tornado warning was issued for the area at the time of the reported tornado.

The National Weather Service in Miami said the damage is consistent with an EF-0 tornado that likely moved north-northeast from Atlantic Avenue and Homewood Boulevard to along South Federal Highway in Boynton Beach.

Delray Beach resident Grace Level wasn't home when a tree from her neighbor's yard toppled over, knocking down her fence and smashing into her screened-in pool.

No injuries were reported.